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CASE STUDIES : Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Patient Demographic: Adults 40 years of age and older with osteoarthritis in their knee

Study Specifics: 13 sites in 13 U.S. markets, 500 patients needed over a 3-month enrollment period

Recruiting Plan: TPRA used local daytime network television advertising in combination with TPRA's Q-filter™ recruiting system featuring TPRA-connect™ and the use of RADIUS365™ online platform.

Study Statistics: This was a rescue mission. After 6 months of recruiting TPRA deployed two 2-week waves of television advertising in 13 markets and supported this effort with a study-specific website and RADIUS365™. The total for all costs (media, production, Q-filter™ and all other variable and operating fees) was $500,459.50, which yielded 6,886 call responses for a cost of $72.68 per, 4,968 pre-screenings for a cost of $100.74 per, 1,814 referrals for a cost of $275.89 per, and 516 randomized subjects for a cost of $969.88 per patient. These costs are inclusive of all media, production, Q-filter and all other variable and operating fees.