Alzheimer's Disease
Overactive Bladder
Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
Female Sexual Dysfunction
Hormone Replacement Therapy
PHN Shingles
CASE STUDIES : Depression
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All spots on this website are meant for presentation viewing purposes only and meant to demonstrate the production capabilities of TPRA. These spots are not listed for the purpose of enrolling patients into any of these or other clinical trial studies.

Patient Demographic: Adults at least 18 years of age

Study Specifics: 34 sites in 19 U.S. markets, 345 patients are needed over a 6-month period

Recruiting Plan: TPRA used local daytime network television in most markets with some selective cable and radio advertising to several rural site city locations all in combination with TPRA's Q-filter™ recruiting system featuring TPRA-connect™ and the use of RADIUS365™ online platform.

Study Statistics: TPRA deployed on several waves of advertising in 19 markets and supported this effort with a study-specific website and RADIUS365™. The total for all costs (media, production, Q-center™ and all other variable and operating fees) was $805,435.91 which yielded 21,061 responses for a cost of $38.24 per, 808 site visit screenings for a cost of $996.83 per, 409 enrolled into the study for a cost of $1,969.28 per, 347 patients were randomized for a cost of $2,321.14 per and 319 completed the study for a cost of $2,526.86 per patient. These costs are inclusive of all media, production, Q-centerTM and all other variable and operating fees.