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CASE STUDIES : Alzheimer's Disease
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All spots on this website are meant for presentation viewing purposes only and meant to demonstrate the production capabilities of TPRA. These spots are not listed for the purpose of enrolling patients into any of these or other clinical trial studies.

Patient Demographic: Men and Women 55 years of age and older

Target Demographic: Women and caregivers

Study Specifics: 49 sites in 32 U.S. site markets. After 6 months of recruiting from the sites' databases and local media placement, TPRA was hired to conduct a pilot plan using television advertising for 6 sites in 6 U.S. markets.

Recruiting Plan: TPRA used local daytime network television advertising in combination with TPRA's Q-filter™ recruiting system featuring TPRA-connect™ and its RADIUS365™ online platform.

Plan Implementation: Market recommendations were made based on elderly population data versus market media cost. Final market selection was made based on site coverage.

Plan Statistics: After the initial pilot plan, an additional 7 waves of television advertising were initiated over the next 15 months. The total for all costs was $2,228,013.44, which yielded a total of 32,751 responses for a cost of $68.03 per, 4,679 referrals for a cost of $476.17 per and 155 randomized patients for a cost of $14,374.28 per. These costs are inclusive of all media, production, Q-center™ fees and all other variable and operating fees.