RADIUS365i™ The Difference Maker

RADIUS365i™ is the most powerful and comprehensive platform of services and technologies for tracking and managing all recruiting efforts, regardless of the referral source. RADIUS365i™ starts with Call Response Tracking, for measuring the effectiveness of all advertising activities, and Centralized Voicemail Service (CVMS), to ensure that no calls are missed. And now with the latest release, RADIUS365i™ is capable of managing referrals that originate from CVMS, a call center, a website and even from the investigator's own activities, such as grassroots efforts. Further, RADIUS365i™ now includes a Site Specific Patient Database for easily keeping track of and utilizing referrals who consent to be contacted about future studies.

Real-time Response Management and Tracking Platform

Real-time Telephone and Website Response Tracking and Reporting
Toll-free and Local Number Provisioning
Centralized Call Routing and Phone Filtration Attendants
Centralized Voicemail System
Web based Referral Delivery and Contact Management System
Referral Databasing
Screening Visit Appointment and Results Tracking and Management
Randomization Tracking
Real-time Reporting for the Investigator of All Recruiting Activities
Investigator Corporate Websites
Patient Portals
Patient Registration Pages Linked from Existing Websites

Tracking and Managing Responses from Advertising

With RADIUS365i™, all call and web responses are tracked and reported in real-time by market, by medium, by Site, and by date. This collection of real-time data provides full accountability of all patient advertising and outreach expenditures.

With centralized routing, a key feature of RADIUS365i™, calls may be routed as needed to the Investigator, to Q-center (TPRA's inbound and outbound call center service) or to TPRA's Centralized Voicemail Service (CVMS). The advantages of TPRA's CVMS include providing study or research-specific voicemail greetings and providing unlimited line capacity (no more busy signals). Other benefits include a higher rate of messages left and a lower rate of lost messages. Messages are delivered via the secure RADIUS365i™ web-portal that includes an easy to use contact management solution which allows the Investigator's staff to organize their efforts to contact responders.

Tracking and Managing Referrals from Any Source

Tracking and managing referrals begins with the delivery of the referrals via the secure RADIUS365i™ web-portal. RADIUS365i™ is now capable of delivering and managing referrals from any source including CVMS, Q-center, websites, web-portals or web registration pages built by TPRA and from the Investigator's own sources via manual entry.

Once the referral is received, the Investigator's staff uses the convenient RADIUS365i™ contact management feature to effectively track and manage each referral through the outcome of the initial screening visit to randomization. All referral activities are automatically reported online to those managing the study for the Investigator.

For multi-site investigators or management organizations, data from all sites is collected and reported in one easy to use administrative site.

Site Specific Patient Database

RADIUS365i™ now includes a Site Specific Patient Database for easily keeping track of and utilizing referrals who consent to be contacted about future studies. The database stores all relevant information about the referral and is easily searched for relevant criteria. Promising leads are then sent back into Referral Management for easy tracking and management.